About Us

Management Team

The Live Group has over 80 years combined taxi industry experience. Dedicated to delivering innovative and rewarding payment solutions, the Live Group is focused on meeting the needs of your business not only today but also for the future. This can only be achieved by our experienced team putting customers first. We continue to focus on delivering superior service, maintaining innovative payment solutions, and always living to our promise.

Our Mission

"Provide innovative payment solutions that deliver superior service while providing a fairer share of the revenue streams and reducing the cost of doing business".

Our Values

Customers first Our customers are our primary focus. Ensuring that we leave each individual with an experience of delight & satisfaction is our highest priority.

Trust With customers, partners, suppliers & employees we strive to build trusting relationships. We have the courage to speak up in a respectful manner with the confidence that we will always be heard.

Integrity We will focus on not only doing things right but always doing the right things. Speaking up when we see wrong & living to our promises even when that seems difficult to do. Our word is our bond.

Creative solutions Innovation, creativity & determination are core to our approach in addressing the challenges we face.

Mutually beneficial We recognise that long-term relationships require a sustainable result for all parties. We will place ourselves in the other parties' shoes before making any decisions.

Share rewards As we strive for extraordinary results we have the confidence to know that the business will recognise & reward our effort.

Our History

Live Payments was developed by Macquarie in 2005 to provide corporate taxi users with an alternate solution that would better meet their needs. The business was bought in a management buy-out in 2008 when the business was divested and has operated successfully in the Australian market ever since. The Live Payments voucher product was the first to be established. However, realising consumers also desired an electronic solution saw the creation of the Live Payments Charge Card in July 2010, delivering the "single biggest change in taxi payments history". Both payment solutions offer access to the innovative Client Gateway for fast and easy account reconciliation and one of the key advantages of the Live Payments solution.


Our Partners

To provide cutting-edge payments solutions requires the dedicated support of our supply partners.


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